Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still around........Back in Jersey........It's official!

Ok. Sorry to anyone who cares, but I have forgotten to post in a while.
Yes, I DID surrvive "First Contact" fact, I'm back in Jersey right now.

School went well for the last half of the semester, the first 2/3s of the summer went well, and I actually look forward to going back to IBC next semester [barely a month away].

Anyway, as I said, I'm back in Jersey. Visiting the Osbornes. Dating Katelyn.
Yes, DATING. For REAL!!!! Her father gave me permission, and she agreed.
.....Well, maybe "courting" would be a better word than "dating". Pick whichever word you like better.

Yesterday--actually two days ago now-- I went on my first ever REAL date. Katelyn and I, with her mother as chaperon[sp?], went to Cape May Point. Katie and I enjoyed a nice walk on the beach, a trip to the top of the Cape Lighthouse, and a round of McFlurries.

Thank You to any and all who have prayed for me that I would find "her". ..... I really do belive that God has finally brought her into my life.

[maybe i'll post pics soon] Till next time, Viper 1-out.

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bro milk said...

hey man good story & good news. i like you two together! see ya soon! bus 1!