Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cape May

This is the first of several Jersey-trip-info posts. Here are some pictures of Cape May, my first date with Katie....
On the beach, there is an old WW2 bunker. This concrete structure was built to hold defensive coastal guns, in case we were invaded. When it was built, the shore was 900 feet away. Now, it is ON TOP OF THE EDGE.
<--You can see from this picture that the water is right under the old, heavy bunker. I wonder how much longer it will stand?

After walking along the beach for a while, we went to look through and climb up the Cape May Lighthouse. There is a lot of history in the old lighthouse. On our way down (199 stairs one-way), on of the attendants offered to take our picture. A big thanks to the attendant-whose-name-I can't-remember!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the OUTSIDE of the lighthouse..... Oh, well, maybe next time.

We had fun. I'll post again later about more of this trip.

Till next time, Viper1 out.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still around........Back in Jersey........It's official!

Ok. Sorry to anyone who cares, but I have forgotten to post in a while.
Yes, I DID surrvive "First Contact" fact, I'm back in Jersey right now.

School went well for the last half of the semester, the first 2/3s of the summer went well, and I actually look forward to going back to IBC next semester [barely a month away].

Anyway, as I said, I'm back in Jersey. Visiting the Osbornes. Dating Katelyn.
Yes, DATING. For REAL!!!! Her father gave me permission, and she agreed.
.....Well, maybe "courting" would be a better word than "dating". Pick whichever word you like better.

Yesterday--actually two days ago now-- I went on my first ever REAL date. Katelyn and I, with her mother as chaperon[sp?], went to Cape May Point. Katie and I enjoyed a nice walk on the beach, a trip to the top of the Cape Lighthouse, and a round of McFlurries.

Thank You to any and all who have prayed for me that I would find "her". ..... I really do belive that God has finally brought her into my life.

[maybe i'll post pics soon] Till next time, Viper 1-out.